Off Season

First of all, happy new year to you all! I’m very thankful for your support this past year. The last time you heard from me through a blog is quite some time ago.

It may be off season, but this is actually one of the most insecure and busy times for most racing drivers. The past few months I’ve been very busy with finding the right partners to be on the grid the coming racing season. I’m aiming for Indy Lights, but am very open to Pro Mazda as well which is also an extremely competitive series. Everything will depend on the finances and in that respect this off season is not any different to other off seasons.

Getting the funding in place for a racing season is an enormous challenge and arguably the hardest aspect of motorsports. Even though I wouldn’t mind knowing early in the season what I’ll be doing the next season, I embrace the challenges that it brings and I’m convinced it can only make you a better driver when you have to fight to make it on the grid.

Besides my activities to get the funding in place, the off season also offers opportunities to reflect on the past season and in particular the lessons you can draw from it.

It offers opportunities to perfect your strengths and to improve on your weaknesses. This includes every single aspects that comes with racing. From my relationship with the media to my physical and mental fitness, driving technique, understanding of team dynamics and technical understanding. It’s the main reason I love motorsports so much, the opportunity and necessity to continuously develop and improve yourself in so many different but related areas.

One of my favorite ways to develop myself in the off season is through the racing simulator in Delft, the Netherlands. To me it’s what comes closest to driving the real racing car, as you have to drive in the same way to be fast in the racing simulator as in the real world. That makes it great practice along with being a lot of fun to ‘drive’!

Furthermore, I'm either in the gym or running in the Dutch dunes pretty much every day and am eating as healthy as possible to be in the best shape I’ve ever been for the coming season. Being physically and mentally fit is very important when the difference between success and failure is measured in fractions of seconds when the season starts!

Last but not least I can frequently be found in university, where I study business. With understanding business becoming of ever increasing importance for a successful motorsports career, I feel this is a useful addition to my skill set.

I’m very much looking forward to the coming season. This past few years I’ve learned a lot and I’m feeling better than ever both as a person and as a racing driver! The coming weeks I’ll be able to get a better picture of what my year will look like. Keep you all posted!


Monday Jan 05, 2015
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