Back on Track

Hi everyone,

it’s been a while since I’ve last written a blog and a lot has happened in the mean time! First of all, as most of you might have noticed, I’ve succeeded in raising the funds to pursue my goals and go racing this year!

After starting the season with Afterburner Autosport, I’m now racing with Belardi Auto Racing piloting the number 44 car! It’s fair to say that the start of my season was definitely not what I was striving for. However, the season is still very long and I feel like I’m moving in the right direction now!

After not really being at the front for various reasons in the opening weekends, I was fastest overall in collective testing at the Lucas Oil Raceway oval this week!

Oval racing is something I really enjoy, it’s certainly a nice change from the street tracks and the road courses and ovals pose some unique challenges. It may look easy from the outside, but we’re not full throttle around the corners. This means that when you go too slow, you obviously won’t be at the front. However when you’re too fast you end up in the wall, so it’s a very fine line between being a hero and being a zero at an oval at very high speeds and with no room for error. That makes it very challenging and exciting!

This month I am remaining in Indianapolis. It’s simply not practical to fly back and forth when races are so bunched together. The moment I’m back adjusted to one timezone, I’d have to get readjusted to the next one! I love Indianapolis though, so very happy to be here! The people here are extremely passionate about racing and the city is known as the “Racing Capital of the World” for good reason! In the mean time before the race, I’ll generally be spending most of my time at the gym and making sure I’m in the best shape I can be for the raceweekend.

Keep you all posted!


Friday May 16, 2014
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